Got an interview or a meeting? Here's how to show confidence!

It's understandable to feel a little nervous or anxious in an interview or a meeting. You want to show your best side and come across as confident. You don't want to fold your arms and come across as standoff-ish. You don't want to put your hands down flat on the table, clench them into fists or keep the under the table and seem insincere. You don't want to talk with your hands too much, tap or drum your fingers to seem edgy or impatient.

According to science, the best way to show confidence in that interview, meeting or even on that first date is to try "steepling" That's where you put your hands together, but only your finger tips are touching. Politicians are known to use this, because it is the best way to show confidence.

I'm trying this. I'm also trying the cocked eyebrow and squint and an English accent. I'm also ordering my martinis "shaken, not schterred."