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I was a complete failure this week.  And, I have a bruise on top of it.  All because I was trying to do a good thing and help out because one of my family members was in trouble.  Just because I failed doesn't mean I won't stop from trying again...or stop you from you trying.  If you are ok with the sight of blood, please keep reading.  I know people who need you.  One of those people is my dad.

My dad has been in the hospital and has had a few surgeries lately.  He started 2021 by going to the ER and getting admitted for an infection.  Fast forward to now and he has had two surgeries including an amputation, skin graft, and lost a lot of blood.  And then...it got worse.

When you hear that your dad's heart stopped working and you live hours away and know that you can't go see him in the hospital due to COVID...well, that was my Sunday.  I couldn't do anything and yet, he was needing bag after bag of blood.

One thing that I could do to help...give blood. I have given many times before but it has been a bit but the process hasn't really changed.  You sign up.  You answer some questions.  You have a few things checked.  If everything is good - your blood goes to help another person.  And then, you get a cookie.

Wednesday at 12:10 pm is when I showed up at the Hilton Building at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  That was my time and I'll be honest, I was a bit nervous.  My blood pressure showed that.  I looked at the pictures of vacation hotspots on the wall and pictures of others who have gave that were up on the wall and my blood pressure came down and I was good there.  However, the finger prick I got showed that my hemoglobin was too low to give that day.

I failed.

While I wait to try again and fill my body up with all things that have iron in them, you have a chance to help now.  In fact, there are so many patients just like my dad that are in need of blood in order to get better and here's how you can sign up to give blood:

  • Give one of these two locations a phone call and make an appointment: Hilton Building at 507-284-4475 or Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, 507-255-4359
  • You can also become a blood donor on Facebook.  Learn more info below:

Next week, I'm going back for that free cookie and am going to try to give that O+ again.

How many times have you given blood?  Or, will you be a first-timer?  Send me a message!  You can find me easily on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on my Instagram page here.

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