I think I’m getting my sports all mixed up.   This is always a weird time of the year for me.   I’m transitioning from “bowling” season into “golf” season and doing a lousy job at it.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrapped up my long 32-week bowling season.  And I went out on kind of a low note…as in low score.   In fact, it was one of my lowest games ever.  Embarrassing.

Now that it’s golf season, I wish I could have one of my lowest scores ever but that certainly didn’t happen Tuesday night.   I hit pretty much every tree, water hazard and sand-trap on the golf course and ended up with my highest score ever in league play.   Double-embarrassing.

Having the lowest score ever and highest score ever in two sports that I love has always been a goal of mine.   I just need to make sure that I’m doing it for the right sport at the right time.    And lately, I’ve got it all backwards.