Last night, the Rochester City council went all in and unanimously approved the Uber ordinance!

ABC 6 NEWS quoted Council-member Nick Campion

"Clearly, the citizens wanted this service and now we’re going to make it available. I think it’s a clear win for the city, a big step for us, a big step for destination medical center and other projects we’re starting to take on. We really need to tackle these services and the desires of our constituents and the people we represent.”

One thing had been added to the proposal before it was approved. Instead of just Uber doing background checks, the city will also complete background checks on drivers before they're hired.


There was more good news at last night's meeting...the cost to run a food truck is coming down. The council dropped the annual franchise fee, now it's only $750 a year, plus they can stay open 'til 2:30AM.