Remember the after school specials with those wonderful lessons? "You can't make someone love you, Bobby." "You're smelly and there's nothing you can do about it, Bobby." "Be honest, and maybe one day you'll get a year of free pizza, Bobby." Really, Grampa? "No, Bobby. Life will grind you down no matter how honest you are.." Poor Bobby. His life was tough. And ours, too...until now! An honest woman was super rewarded the other day....with pizza!

A San Jose woman who ordered Domino's mistakenly got a box filled with $5,000 and then promptly returned it -- only to be rewarded with a year's worth of free pizza.


While at the wireless store where she works, Selena Avalos recently ordered chicken wings, but was shocked to discover almost $5,000 set to go to a bank in the box, instead. She called Domino's to report what happened, but, surprisingly, no one called her back, so she reached out to local TV station KGO to help track down the franchise's owner and give the cash back because, as Avalos, explained, "I can't keep it. It's a crazy amount of money."

Doing the right thing paid off -- not in cash, of course -- for Avalos. For her efforts, she will receive the aforementioned free pizza for a year and, perhaps even better, her employer is giving her a week off with pay.

So, if you got free pizza for a year, and had to get the same toppings each time, what would they be?