Once upon a time, James Rabe and I hosted a morning radio show WITHOUT the benefit of Google. Just imagine that for a moment! Somehow we pulled it off each day with just a pot of coffee and a complete set of encyclopedias.


This morning James was talking about a survey that discovered the answer to the question: What do you like on your hot dog? The story went on to say there are 11 toppings that people enjoy on their hot dogs. He listed the usual suspects: ketchup, mustard, relish, cheese, onions and chili.


However the other FIVE toppings weren't part of the story. I started to wonder what they might be. Pickles, banana peppers and, of course, bacon took the list to nine, but then I was stuck and I didn't want to Google the answer. I wanted to noodle it for a while to see if I could come up with three more toppings using nothing more than my brain power!

Listeners suggested sauerkraut, jalapeno peppers, mayo and horseradish. Good gracious, I had heartburn just *typing* that last sentence!

Me? I like mustard. And IF I'm feeling a little saucy, I'll add ketchup, too!

What do you say?  How do you top YOUR dog?