It breaks my heart whenever I hear about sick kids in the hospital. Ethan, a three-year-old boy in Utah, ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and the only thing that seemed to cheer him up was playing with his Hot Wheels cars. 

Every time he has to go through a procedure, he holds on to them tightly and won't let anyone else even touch them. His dad asked a friend who runs a blog to post something about Ethan's love for Hot Wheels and it took off. Collectors from all over began sending Hot Wheels cars to the little boy in the hospital. So far he's received over 200, with more coming in every day. His health is improving but he'll still be hospitalized for a while longer.

If you're so inclined, you can send a Hot Wheel car his way.  Just mail it to:

Ethan Carnesecca c/o Primary Children's Hospital...100 Mario Capecchi Dr...Salt Lake City, UT 84132.