Three years ago I shared something with you that, to this day, I cannot believe is such a popular sandwich. It's not a bad sandwich, it's a good sandwich, but still...what the heck? OK, let's go back in time...((harp plays us back in time))

"Facebook just reminded me today is the day I learned the Big Lesson. What was that lesson? A lot of people love the Mater and Mayo sandwich. Not "like", not "kinda enjoy", but LOVE. And a Y-105FM Early Morning Show poll I did earlier this week shows the love is still big and strong.

Two slices of white bread, some mayo on each side, and then sliced tomatoes in between. Talk about this sandwich and people get a faraway look in their eyes. I swear just the mention brings back memories of mom's kitchen, a breeze comin' thru the window, blowing the gingham curtains on a hot summer day. Too far? Not if you've seen the looks I have.

Just make sure you make it with mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip because...

a) The name is Mater and Mayo
ii) Miracle Whip is the devil (if you need proof, click here).

Now, here's the greatest Mater and Mayo recipe you'll find on youtube. You'll want to have the guy tell you stories after you watch it. Tho he could use some mayo spreading skills.

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