I have a new way to pay off all my bills.

I’m going to eat…in front of my webcam.

A 14-year-old South Korean kid makes up to $1,500 by eating in front of his computer. His name is B.J. Patoo, and he's one of the most popular "mukbangers". "Muckbang" (pronounced muck-bong) translates as "eating broadcast". And that's what he does. Eats, chats with people watching, and shovels food in his mouth, and chews...LOUDLY! ((shudder))

The money he makes from fans who give him things called "Star Balloons" that cost about ten cents each. And most of his fans are teenagers. A lot of them say they watch because it's entertaining. Other people say it helps them satisfy their cravings without actually eating.

"Business Insider" says he made about 250 GRAND in 2013!