I used to do a weekly post called Ask Siri'z. I'd asked Siri a question and she'd answer it. Simple. Well, this is an Ask Siri'z question that was totally unplanned. I was putting together a Gary Shandling tribute and it turned out Siri was listening in and I totally freaked her out!

Gary Shandling passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack.

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To me, he's a funny funny guy. To a lot of comedians, he's a funny guy that gave them the idea that would propel them to major success. Gary Shandling's work inspired shows like The Office, 30 Rock, and even Curb Your Enthusiasm. He literally helped change sitcoms forever.

I wanted to pay tribute to him, and what better way than to play some of his best stand-up moments during the show?

So, there I am, doing the show, editing Shandling's stand-up between songs,  and I hear my phone fussing at me. It turned out, Siri was listening to me edit AND do the weather. She thought I was asking her a question...the longest question ever!

I wish I could remember what I said instead of succumbing.