Right now, when you grab a Shamrock Shake, McDonald's gives forty cents to the Ronald McDonald House. If you take a selfie with the shake (or a picture of your kid or mother or whatever) and upload it to our app, you could end up with a $500 Arch Card. Pretty solid deal, especially if you like Chicken McNuggets.

  • With $500, you could buy 2,120 Chicken McNuggets.
  • With $500 you could buy 111.11 Sausage McMuffin with Egg Meals, so that's 111.11 sandwiches, 111.11 coffees, and 111.11 hashbrowns. That's 333.33 items altogether.
  • With $500 you could buy 222 Shamrock Shakes.

Before you buy 222 Shamrock Shakes, tho, consider the SECRET MENU and ask for a McLeprechaun Shake. That's where they do 2/3's Shamrock Shake and a 1/3rd chocolate shake! Minty chocolate, yummo!

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