Are you going to the game today? The Vikings and Seahawks are playing on a day when the temperature isn't expected to go much higher than 5 degrees! The players'll have an entire crew dedicated to keeping 'em warm...but what about you? How will you keep warm in the stands? 

I was perusing the Facebooks and came across the answer. My friend
Sue Schwartz wrote a how-to post about keeping warm (gathered from her many years as a Packers fan). Take it away, Sue...

Ok, Minnesota fans going to the game, here are a few tidbits I've picked up from my own years of cold weather games at Lambeau. And yes, a few have been this cold.

Layers are your friends - lots of 'em. When you think you have enough, add two more. You won't regret it. Think you look ridiculous? Who cares? It's an NFL game, not Project Runway.

Don't wait to put those toe warmers in until your feet get cold. Do it right away, you'll thank me later. And don't think that more socks are better; those toe warmers need air circulating to work.

Awesome there is free coffee before the game! But take it easy - going to the loo with all of the aforementioned layers takes an amazing amount of time.

Ladies, don't even bother with the make up other than your tinted ChapStick. No amount of foundation will cover how red your nose will get and by halftime your cold eyeballs will be watering like you just watched "The Fault in our Stars"

And speaking of that red nose, put a couple of tissues in your pocket. Your mittens should be for keeping your hands warm, not for a handkerchief.

And finally, eat a good breakfast because shivering for that long takes a lot of energy.


Here ends my little PSA. Enjoy the game!!

Andy Brownell, from our News Department, reported on what the Vikings are doing to help fans stay warm...