Educated-Driver took a look at average commute times around the country. And Rochester sure didn't win the longest, not by a long shot...but it's still way longer than I expected to see. According to their website,

"Commuting...takes a serious toll on the mind and body and on relationships. Not to mention, it can be seriously damaging to your health, leading to headaches, backaches, sleep problems, fatigue, mental health problems, and more."

In Rochester, the average commute time is 39.2 minutes, roughly 306 days commuting during our life. I woulda guessed 15-20 minutes at most. How 'bout Austin? 34-minute commute, and 272 days over a lifetime.

What's taking so long in Rochester and Austin? Broadway seal coating and 18th Avenue reconstruction? Or maybe it is just the people visiting Rochester for Mayo, and they totally get a pass because they're dealing with heavy stuff.

What I need to do is keep in mind that 39.2-minute commutes are nothing. By comparison, up t'the MSP, the average commute time is about 50 minutes, which makes up 394 days spent commuting over a lifetime.

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