This past Sunday was Fry Fest (an event Tracy McCray, her sister, and a friend put on each year). I couldn't make it this year, but it reminded me of last year, when I deep fried coffee. How do you do it? Like this...


Here's what you need to deep fry coffee.

Get one pound cake (I bought Sara Lee from the freezer section), 12 oz. of your favorite flavored coffee beverage, and a deep fryer.

Slice up the pound cake. Pour the coffee drink over the pound cake (about a minute before deep frying). Deep fry it for a few minutes. Let it cool a bit. Eat it.


I'm not sure it's worth all the trouble, but hey, you can say you deep fried coffee, and that is worth all the trouble. See the notes after the video.


  • It's possible it would have been much tastier with fresh oil. We popped 'em in at the end of Fry Fest, and the dirty oil may have negatively contributed to the taste (or positively, who knows?).
  • Do not leave container of sliced pound cake out for all to see. It is impossible to resist pound cake, and your friends will eat it. They have to. It's the pound cake law.
  • I'll bet it'd taste great with the a Toasted Graham Latte, which is s'posed to taste like cereal milk, but I just couldn't bring myself to deal with the pretentious sizing and barista, so, instead, I went to small drive thru.