You wake up in the morning, check your phone, and overnight your ex sent a text saying they couldn't take the kids today. What? You've used up all your days. Any time off from here on is unpaid and worse, you know your boss is looking to cut the budget. Now is not the time to miss work.

This is just one of a bajillion scenarios that happen across the nation each day. People find themselves in crisis mode and have no options. But here in Olmsted County, you do have an option. Please, reach out to Crisis Nursery. The number is below.

But emergency childcare isn't the only thing you'll get help with. They also offer crisis counseling, parent education classes, in-home family counseling, and  PARRK, a parent education group. Please know a lot of parents go thru struggles and crisis. Since there's no instruction guide, taking a parenting class, joining PARRK, or asking for help with in-home family counseling is just a way for you to figure it all out.


A good example is dealing with "the baby blues', postpartum depression. If you have no experience with it, you can't be expected to know right away what you're dealing with. Trust your gut. Don't brush away feeling unusually angry, if you're experience isolation, super frustrated, or using more alcohol or RX's than usual. Please call 507-287-2020. After hours, please call 507-281-6248.

CRISIS NURSERY - A Program That Helps With Child Care, Parenting, and Postpartum Depression (In-Home Family Therapy)

n Rochester is an amazing agency here to help you and your family move forward. .

See their wish list here: https://www.familiesfirstmn.org/services/crisis-nursery/wish-list/

  • Crisis Nursery
    126 Woodlake Drive SE
    Rochester, MN 55904

PS - Donations are always accepted. Click HERE for the Crisis Nursery wishlist.

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