Time not having to mom. That's the number one thing moms said they wanted on our Facebook poll. Over and over.

So, Kraft is steppin' up and putting their money where their mac and cheese is. They will LITERALLY pay for your babysitter. For real? Sure, BUT, there are a few rules.

If you get a babysitter for Mother's Day, send 'em a receipt and they'll reimburse you. Three things to know about the offer.

a) They'll reimburse up to $100

ii) You have to send 'em the receipt by 05/19/19

3) They're paying out of a $50,000 pot, so it'll go fast. Best get the receipt in Sunday. Submit your receipt here.

Why would you need a babysitter? Well, here's an example...

Saturday night, mom's dropped off at a Rochester hotel, she does what she wants. Sunday morning, mom sleeps in and then gets picked up for brunch with the fam. Then mom is free until dinner, more time with the fam. Then, mom goes back to the hotel, personal time until Monday morning when she goes from the hotel to work.

If its dad saying with the kids, dad will absolutely need some alone time to regain sanity, so Sunday he golfs with his buddies. Whatever.

Either way, that's one scenario. Make up your own, but if mom wants time off momming, she won't get it if she's at home. That's just science, son.

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