This is the story of a joke about my hair that turned into a tragic realty. No hair was harmed during this photo shoot, but some egos were hurt. And by some, I mean someone named James had their ego hurt. James Rabe. MY ego was hurt. 

I haven't had m'hairs cut in a while. A LONG while, like four weeks before I left Idaho. I meant to get one from Brad the Amazing...his shop was only a few minutes walk from  my apartment. But, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's procrastination.  And so, I put it off.  Over and over.  And today...I'm a MESS!

No, it's true.  After my shower, I made my hair stand up, I pulled out the sides, I made it look as awful as I could.  And then I took a selfie.  This selfie.

Right?  SUCH a brush pile. Then, at breakfast, I caught my reflection in a picture and I saw wow.



I'm off to get it cut.