Did you know that you get an extra second of time today? It's called a 'Leap Second' and it's something that's been done about 25 times since 1972 and will be done again today. So why do we have to add one second of time to the day today? Because the Earth's rotation is gradually slowing down and it's a way for scientists to account for it. In a nutshell, our sophisticated atomic clocks are better at keeping time than the Earth is.

If you want to get details on the scientific explanation for all of this, just 'Google it' and have at it. I will instead spend my time deciding how to spend my 'bonus second' of the day. Comedian John Oliver has even set up a special website aptly titled spendyourleapsecondhere.com and it's a hoot.  Click on the link and your likely going to be spending far too many seconds checking out the creative ideas.