How do you celebrate a huge win of a very prestigious award? Well, everyone knows the answer to that question...with a free, loud, fun, silly, and tasty block party! So, that's what the Rochester Public Library is doing from 2 - 5 PM on Sunday the 9th! Just outside the library is where all the food, music, games, and art activities will be. Unless it rains, of course, then move y'soggy self indoors!

party popper explosion

RPL has been showered with awards lately. First, Head of Youth Services, Heather Acerro, was awarded recently, for her amazing outreach into the LGBTQ, and many other communities. Read about it here (then, when you see Heather at the block party, throw up a high-five)!

Also, the Rochester Public Library was recently awarded the National Medal for Museums and Libraries...a big win and recognition for the excellent work they've done reaching out, inviting in, and creating safe spaces for everyone in our community.  Here's a video about why they won.

Want to know more about the block party? Just click here.

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