My grandmother wanted my mom & dad to name me Penny.  That way I would forever be picked on because my name would be ... 'Penny Moore.'  Thank goodness my mom laughed that one off.  Just what is in a name?  Did you know Johnny Cash didn't even have a name until he gave himself one? 

Pablo Caridad / ThinkStock

Johnny Cash's birth name wasn't Johnny.  He was a boy with no name.  Well, he had initials.  J.R.  His parents couldn't think of a name.  When he went to enlist in the Air Force, they told him, 'Son, you have to have a name.' He picked Johnny.

I just read something the other day about how our names really do give an indication of who we will eventually be. It's some information that has been looked at several times, but here is a link to some information from a few years ago about the science of names.  

I somehow have a connection with Johnny. (lol)