The man accused of shooting and seriously wounding a police officer this week in south-central Minnesota is now facing charges of attempted murder. Waseca County prosecutors charged Tyler Robert Janovsky, 37, with three counts of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer in court on Wednesday. While we have heard a lot in the media, and rightly so, about Officer Matson's family, it made me wonder about what Janovsky's family must be feeling. His brother, Erik Balfe, recently took to social media to respond to the shooting.

Image Credit: Facebook User erik.balfe.1 via Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook User erik.balfe.1 via Facebook

Balfe's post has been shared hundreds of times and gives people perspective into how the accused family must feel in these types of situations. Balfe makes it clear in his post that to any who are wondering, he is not his brother.

The post covers the three things that Erik Balfe wanted to cover, and it is so genuine and from the heart.

Balfe writes; "Let it be known that aside from Officer Matson and his loved ones, nobody regrets what my brother did more than my family and I. In my mind, he is a danger to society and deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life. That being said, he is my brother, and I am very conflicted on how I feel at the moment...should you really wish to help me or my family, please continue the support of Officer Matson and his family. Should this get around to them, please know that sorry will never be enough to describe how we feel. In our minds you are heroes, and we are behind you 100%."

To Erik I would like to say, Thank You. Thank you for the courage to voice your thoughts and feelings in this difficult time not only for the Matson family but for you and your family. Your courage to speak goes a long way in helping a community and region heal and come back together after the shattering events of Monday night.

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