Either I'm terrible at taking seflies, or my arms are far too short.  But in other "arm" news, I get my left one back this week!  (This pic was taken in a mirror, of course).Some of you may have heard on the radio that I had surgery last month to correct a surgery I had 30 years ago.  Back in my teenage years in the 80's I had recurrences of dislocating my shoulder.  They eventually put a screw in my shoulder and I was good to go....until this past January.  That's when I re-injured it lifting something that I shouldn't have lifted.  My old screw broke off with part of my shoulder bone attached (ouch!).  I had no idea that happened, I just knew it hurt really, really badly.  And you know us guys - I didn't call a doctor for awhile because I thought "it'll get better".

Well, of course it got worse.  After nearly 4 months of pain, and waiting through 3 doctor referrals, I received three new titanium screws a few days after my 47th birthday.  I'm not healing as quickly as I did when I was 17, but I'm hoping to get this sling off my arm on Wednesday after a visit with Mayo Physical Therapy at the Gonda Building.

Here's to putting on pants and socks a little easier...to scratching that itch without becoming a right-handed contortionist...and to getting my left arm back - woo HOO!