I think I just became Rochester's Biggest Dough-Head. Here's the story.

I was all ready to write a funny post about everyone sitting around the Christmas tree, unwrapping gifts, wiping greasy hands on wrapping paper, as we enjoy the aroma and the inevitable chicken purchase that would come from owning the KFC FIRE-LOG.

But then I bought one and noticed something odd. Wal-Mart's website is the sole purchase site for the logs scented with the 11 herbs and spices so I went on line to buy one for $18.99. At the Wal-Mart site the cost was $69.99 with only a few left (yeah, I know it says "out of stock"...I took this screen shot after I bought mine).

Rabe Screen Shot i grabbed AFTER my purchase.

I was excited...I could get a CASE! It would be super funny to hand these out to friends for Christmas, so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. But as I started writing this blog, I thought, "Hmmm...I wonder if that was a case." I went to Walk-Mart's website again and searched for the log.

Rabe Screen Shot

$18.99 - Out of stock. Except for the price, everything was the same.

So...what happened? On the one hand, it'd be kinda cool if they're really out out and won't restock and I got the last one. On the other hand, did I really way over-pay one log? Did Wal-Mart really hike the price up when they only had a few left? What's the deal? I'm going to check in with Wal-Mart and see what's going on.

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