A couple of Y Loves The '80's Weekends ago, I told you about my First Concert.

My first concert was Styx's Caught in the Act at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. I went with my two best friends Steve and Derrick. Steve's older brother, Mike drove. Their album Kilroy Was Here had just come out. It was about censorship. Lead singer Dennis DeYoung had created a rock opera, or play, about a musician, Robert Orin Charles Kilroy (yeah, ROCK) who was imprisoned for the death of a fan at one of his concerts. Caught in the Act opened with a ten-minute film setting up the story. The concert played the rest of it out. We were there on a Monday night. The projector broke. The concert was rescheduled for a couple nights later.

That was my first concert. What was yours?

Tammy, "Rick Springfield and Corey Hart in Austin!"

Maire, "The Who final tour 1982 Kingdome in Seattle"

Tonya, "Warrant, Trixter, Firehouse at the Civic Center in Rochester! I was in 8th grade!"

Tina, "Red Hot Chili Peppers..."

Dan, "KISS 1978"

Dan (not the same Dan), "Bruce Springsteen at the St Paul Civic Center"

Darlene, "All 4 One- Mayo Civic Center 1996"

James, "Emerson Lake and Powell. Grand Rapids, MI. 198....7?"

Friday at four we set the Y-back Machine for the Top Songs of 1986. August 7, 1986, I went to another concert with my two best friends, Steve and Derrick. I was driving by then. It was a bigger group. We took two cars. We saw The Monkees. It was their 20th Anniversary Tour. Dolenz, Jones and Tork. Mike Nesmith made a few, rare, surprise appearances. But not at the show we saw at Poplar Creek. They were there with Herman's Hermits and Gary Puckett. We had to use what would one day become the Hubble telescope to see the stage from our lawn seats! My sister had given me my First Album. It was The Monkees Headquarters. That was the First Album that the band had gone into the recording studio and PLAYED all the instruments on every song. I still know every song in order on that album. I wore it out I played it so much!

So, we've shared First Concerts. What's your favorite or Bucket List Concert?

Y Loves The '80's

All weekend long Y Loves The '80's and it's your chance to be at The Honkers Home Opener Tuesday! How?

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