According to their website, Einstein says their Espressio Buzz Bagel has 32mg of Caffeine, about as much in a can of pop. Soda. Whatever you call it!

I love coffee ice cream, I love coffee flavored candy. I even love coffee cake, and it doesn't even taste like coffee! Heck, I just love coffee, as you may have known from an earlier video presentation. BUT, this would take it to the next level.

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There are two locations in Rochester to gettem...up near Costco, and across the street from the Silver Lake Shopping Center. If you go get one, please call the me during the show and let me know how you like 'em. Are they good? Are they bad? Whatdyathink? Our studio number, as always, 507-292-1053.


Have you tried Deep Fried Coffee? I's how to do it.


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