Yesterday as I was trying to find other things to do than shovel for the thousandth time this winter, I had a thought. If "big candle" were to make a scented candle based on your hometown, and you were the person to pick the scent, what would it smell like? I took to our social media page and asked you, and as always you gave us some GREAT answers. Although I'm not sure I'm going to be buying some of your candles...

Here are some of our favorite and not-so-favorite answers you gave us!

Kevin B wrote: Corn mash or lilacs. The town I made my home would be the cheese from Kraft Mac n cheese..

John B on Facebook wrote: I’m originally from Des Moines. That scent would be a meat-packing plant…

Boch in Pine City sent us a message on the 98-1 app his would smell like lilacs

Cam called in to tell us his candle would smell like cereal on one half and food on the other half.

Paula W wrote: Theilen meats <-- We are down for this candle scent!

Sheri P posted: Kraft macaroni and cheese!

Shirley B wrote: Sugar beets

Dan T: A mix of Copenhagen, old mil, fresh-cut hay, and sunflower seeds

What would your candle smell like, let us know by messaging us through our FREE app!

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