I'm a Viner (follow me!), and came across an awesome pug.  What makes him awesome?  He's a PUG!  A few years ago, when I was working in Idaho, my co-host Janaan brought her brand new pug in for a visit.  She left the room for a while and, in about 6 minutes, I looked over my shoulder and saw just how much pugs dislike being alone.  He'd jumped onto Janaan's chair, then onto her desk, then around the computer, then thru the window space between us, and onto my control board. 

So, obviously, the pug hated being alone, and loved being with me (when I put him  on the floor, he curled up at my feet...content and farty).

But the pug in THIS clip loves a MOVIE!

Do you have a pet that loves a movie or TV show?  What kind of pet and what's the show?