Pickles...they're just drunk cucumbers, aren't they? Well, a good ol' Claussen Kosher Dill is my favorite, but I'll eat crappy public school hamburger pickles, too. Doesn't matter to me. And if you really love pickles, I have the one thing you need more than anything. Check it out...

If you love pickles, you need this Facebook group in your life! There are a few pictures that take it too far, I think, but overall, it's in good fun!

Long time ago I worked with Petar Thomas, and he loved pickles. He'd drink pickle juice, and, one for the Early Morning Show with James and Cori, he went thru a drive thru begging for extra pickles and pickle juices. It was high-larious!

Then, just a year and a half ago, I met a guy that loves pickles so much he would marry 'em if one could give him pickle children (sweet baby pickle...they'd name her Bread and Butter!). We met at Kroll's Diner in Fargo and when we ordered, he asked for an enormous amount of pickles.

And got it!

I love it when a server has a great sense of humor (tho, I've found, that's mostly on the customer...if I'm in a good mood, I get good service 90% of the time).

That trip to Fargo yielded one other thing...amazing cuteness! I was moving from Twin Falls to Rochester, Danielle, my partner, made the drive with me (then flew back to Idaho) and we met up with her family at Kroll's. Whoa! This family knows a thing or two about conversation, funny, and story telling!

The highlight, tho, was Mr Pickle Lover's daughter...and her cheeks!