It's a problem all around the state I'm told. People stopping their cars in the wrong spot. But where is the wrong spot?

When you come up to a light, and you're first in line, where is the place to stop? According to Olmsted County Sheriff Torgerson (Monday on KROC-AM's Rochester Today with Andy Brownell and James Rabe), the correct place to stop is just before the line. 

burcuys - Puppy Wonders Why You Stopped There

A surprising number of people will stop a full car length before the crosswalk (and the big thick line notes with "YEP" in the video). Not only isn't it the right way to do it, but it also makes the line behind far longer than it needs to be.

At an exit (52 and 2nd Street), it can force cars to line up on 52. Dangerous. Even puppy is giving you the stink eye.

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