'There's A Chance You're Not Stopping At Stop Lights Correctly

Silly man gets into car crash and makes ridiculous face

UPDATE: This weekend I was out shopping all over Rochester, and on 4 separate occasions I couldn't make it thru the green light because the people in front of me were so far from the stop line most of us couldn't get thru in time. I thought it might be time for a refresher.

I think it's super annoying and I know a lot of other people do, too. As I was finally going thru a stoplight, I remembered the Olmsted County Sheriff and I talked about this very thing. Behold, the joy of Sheriff T!

Where Am I Supposed to Stop For A Stop Light?

Original Story: November 14, 2018 - When you come up to a light, and you're first in line, where is the place to stop? According to Olmsted County Sheriff Torgerson the correct place to stop is just before the line. 

A surprising number of people will stop a full car length before the crosswalk (and the big thick line notes with "YEP" in the video). Not only isn't it the right way to do it, but it also makes the line behind far longer than it needs to be.

At an exit (52 and 2nd Street, Rochester, Minnesota), it can force cars to line up on 52. Dangerous. Even this puppy is giving those people the stink eye.

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This dog is judging you. Getty Images
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