What makes a talk show great? Tracy McCray, Rochester Civic Theatre Company's Gregory Stavrou, and a first ever In the Can Women's Room Tour! You'll see it all...

I just attended the Rochester Civic Theater's Encore Gala 2016 and had a blast. See? That's me having a blast.

I also saw and spoke to all sorts of awesome people, including Gregory, who, on mic, always captivates the room's imagination. The entertainment was fun and soulful, the food was spectacular (the chicken-ball appetizers, especially), and everyone was laughing. That is always a good sign.

I went with Megan Kennedy (known her ever since she was a morning show intern with Tracy McCray and me), and sat next to Tom Overlie. I feel like I've known him forever, and he is just wildly funny, and, serious/thoughtful, so we talked about all sorts of things. Some about art, some about life, and, of course, some about being in the media, too, and how it gives you the opportunity to get to know so many great people.,

Which brings me back to this episode of In the Can. Tracy McCray's talk show, the only one in the nation originating from a women's room, kicks it up a notch and takes it from the couch to the stalls! You will love it!