This video is huge right now!  Shot during the riots in Baltimore, it has reignited one of Facebook's most regular arguments.  Does spanking work?

One side says that's what's missing, these days, parents not spanking their kids. Facebook is flooded with comments like, "I was spanked and I turned out fine!"  adding that this rioting wouldn't happen if parents woulda spanked these people.

On the other side are parents that haven't spanked their kids, and say that they've managed to have amazing kids without spanking. They point to this riot and wonder why anyone's surprised that violence breaks out in a nation so eager to solve problems with violence.

And me? I'm just frustrated. Is smackin' your kid really the solution to the Baltimore problem? Will spanking/not spanking stop future Baltimore's from happening?  Or is there maybe a much bigger, much more complex issue at play, and the spanking debate is just an easy distraction from that larger issue?

As a nation, we seem to like quick solutions, and for the kinds of problems facing our nation, are there really any solutions that would fit on a bumper sticker?