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This totally wouldn't be Minnesota nice, would it? But a new survey says Minnesota is one of the top states for 'complaining Karens'!

Let me speak to the manager! You know what a 'Karen' is these days, right? According to this new survey from the crew over at Bionic, being a 'Karen' started to become popular two years ago in 2019, before the pandemic hit. They define like this:

The term ‘being a Karen’ originated from an internet meme. Now, a “Karen” is usually defined as someone with unsavory traits such as being obnoxious and having a sense of entitlement. A Karen will use their privilege to get their own way. It’s someone who complains and demands the world conforms to their exacting, precise and absurd standards. 'Karen' isn’t a single person, it’s an entire personality.

And according to their survey, the U.S. has the most 'complaining Karens' in the world, and Minnesota is one of the top states to find them, as well. The Bionic study looked at over 1 million online reviews to find out who the most common complainers really are and where they’re most active.

It also looked at which names are most likely to become the future 'Karen', and which US state has the most. And here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we rank 17th on the list of states with the most complaining Karens. Minnesota currently has about 34,867 Karens, making it the 18th most popular name in our part of America.

So which state has the most? The top spot is taken by California, where there are no less than 146,906 Karens and where it's the 26th most popular name. Texas comes in second on the list with 103,700 Karens, while New York came in third.

The survey also noted that complaining Louises, Anns, Janes, Maries, Annes, Margarets and Susans are also popular here in the North Star State. You can read more about their survey HERE. And, speaking of names, only REAL Minnesotans (Karen or not) know how to pronounce the following names. Keep scrolling to see how many YOU know how to correctly say!

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