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Gov. Walz's latest executive order that has paused schools and businesses is set to expire on December 18th; will it be extended?

There had been rumors earlier this week coming out of the capital up in Saint Paul that Gov. Walz was going to make an announcement Friday regarding Minnesota's ongoing four-week 'pause' that has closed schools, gyms and fitness centers, and limited restaurants and bars to be open for take-out only.

But now it looks like we'll have to wait until next week to find out, as the governor's announcement has now been delayed until Monday. Minneapolis FOX-9 TV reporter Theo Keith posted that announcement on his Twitter page Thursday. Of course, there's still speculation about just WHAT the governor's Monday announcement will contain-- will he modify the order, allowing bars and restaurants to offer dine-in services but at a reduced capacity? Or will he extend the order through the holidays?

Many news sources throughout Minnesota have been reporting on the continuing outbreak cases of the coronavirus here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes-- and how we were no doubt going to see a spike in cases, tied to Thanksgiving. But, as MPR data reporter David Montgomery noted yesterday, THAT hasn't happened. In fact, cases went DOWN in Minnesota, with our positivity rate dipping to 8.5%-- the first time it's been below 10% since November 1st.

So just what will the governor say? While the data appears to be improving, other sources at the state capital said the governor wasn't optimistic that the order could be lifted before the holidays. Gov. Walz IS scheduled to be on the Minnesota Department of Health call at 2 pm Friday with other healthcare workers, but a release said he'll address our continuing need to be vigilant about COVID-19 safety.

There's no doubt it's really a no-win scenario we're all under right now, as the pandemic continues to take its toll on all of us. It's REALLY done a number on several businesses, though, and, sadly, many have had to throw in the towel completely this year. Keep scrolling to check to see how many of these chains you remember that are no longer in business.

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