It is all the rage in New York but will Pickle Juice Ice Cream be making a debut in Southeast Minnesota?  The better question might be, "Is anyone even willing to try it if it does?"

According to, Pickle Juice soft serve is a big hit in New York!  The owner of Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is creating this summer delight with not only pickles but also pressed cucumbers as the main ingredient.

I reached out to some local ice cream joints but have not had confirmation if this will be tried in Southeast Minnesota.  I also asked listeners on the Facebook pages for Y105FM and 103.1 KFIL if they would be willing to try it.  You can check out all of the answers and who is actually willing to let their taste buds have some fun.

My favorite response though was from Tom MacCartney.  "How much do I get paid to try it?  Also do I have to keep it down? "  I'd love to give some cash awards but I have a feeling I need to save my pennies because I am going to need all of my extra cash for parking ramps and meters in Rochester.

I also hear that slushies are coming to Sonic this summer too.  You can check out that article here.

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