If you are a fan of movies made in Minnesota than Mallrats would be at the top of your list. Kevin Smith, creator of Mallrats, and the Clerks films amongst others announced last week that his fake fast food pop-up store, Mooby's, is coming to Minneapolis next month.


Next month, the @moobyspopup opens in MINNEAPOLIS! This will be the fifth city in six months for the #moobyspopup - so...

Posted by Kevin Smith on Thursday, November 19, 2020


In the announcement via social media Smith tells us that the pop-up store "will be the fifth city in six months for the #moobyspopup - so after many wonderful weeks in West Hollywood, Red Bank, Chicago, and Toronto, we bring our authentic fake fast food to the state where we made #Mallrats way back in 1995! I can’t reveal the exact location until next week, but it’s a short drive from the #edenprairie Mall - where @jaymewes and I tried to destroy the stage as @jayandsilentbob!"

It's unclear if the recent restaurant restrictions will affect the pop-up store here in Minnesota, as the store could operate as just a take out store offering up the limited, but true to the movie, menu for those who are lucky enough to score tickets.


If indeed the pop-up store happens, it will be a Clerks/Dogma movie fan's dream come true.

You can signup for email notification as to where exactly the store will be in Minnesota, and possibly win tickets to enjoy some Mooby's here.

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