The website recently shared a map that's supposed to show the most popular TV show set in each state. The write-up that accompanies the map claims that the shows were determined based on "IMDb ratings for series with over 5,000 votes."

If no shows from a given state had any series that achieved that criteria, they simply chose the highest-rated show based in that state.

With that in mind, what would you guess would be the highest-rated TV show set in Minnesota? Perhaps, if you're old school, you'd think of the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' which was set in Minneapolis and entertained viewers throughout much of the 1970s.

Or maybe you'd think it would be the old sitcom 'Coach', where Craig T. Nelson played the role of Head Football Coach at the then-fictitious Minnesota State University. That show ran through most of the 1990s and is even set for a revival for 2015.

So, is it one of those two? Or perhaps 'Little House on the Prairie'? Or the short-lived sitcom starring Chris Elliott called 'Get a Life'? Both of these were supposedly set in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The answer? None of the above! According to the map, the top rated TV show set in Minnesota is 'Fargo'! Wait, what? Wasn't 'Fargo' a movie back in the 1990s set in North Dakota, with some scenes filmed in Minnesota?

Well, yes, but evidently there has been a TV show created that is a spin-off from the old movie. It debuted in 2014 with a ten-episode first season on FX and is supposed to have a second season starting at some point.

In other words, what this map is telling us is that some show that's been around for a total of 10 episodes on a semi-obscure cable channel is more popular than two shows that ran for nearly a decade on network television! Do you believe it?

What's your favorite TV show set in Minnesota?