I have to say, it probably is the "nicest" piece of graffiti you'll see anywhere. Rochester isn't immune to graffiti. I don't think any city is. However, it's nice when you see something written or created that isn't inherently offensive. A local artist, Maria Cameron, pointed out that there was an especially "nice" piece of graffiti in the alley behind Half Barrel and The Doggery downtown.

I had to see this for myself, so I asked her where it was. She told me where I could find it, and my eyes didn't want to believe it! Could someone actually be so "nice" to write something like that? Were the businesses cool with this? I hoped they would be. I think it's pretty cool anyway.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Would you be okay with graffiti like this? Or, is it still rude and destroying someone's property?


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