This is the worst snack a vending machine can hold. If you have some at work, I can only say, "I''m sorry. You need to quit your job because your boss OBVIOUSLY doesn't love you." Don't bother trying to confront them, they'll retaliate by taking your favorite items out of the machine and replacing them with more crap (ex Bit O'Honey).

I've seen this mouth trash here at the radio station, in the Government Center vending room, and out at Graham Arena.

What is the offensive weed?


Andy Capp's Hot Fries. 

Absolute muck. 120 calories of crispy blandness. Literally, NO child has ever said, "Mom! Mommmmmm! I'm begging you to get me Andy Capp's Hot Fries!"

They taste little better than straw, which is probably why the bag recommends you "taste the oven baked crunch!" If you tasted the taste, you would be bored into a coma.

This isn't just my opinion. If you find a vending machine with these fries in it, they NEVER run out. Doritos, Rice Crispie Treats, and even those orange crackers with peanut butter sell out.

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