Jump in my time machine and let's go back to 1990 when I worked at County Seat (remember those?!) and purchased a gen-u-ine Levi's jean jacket.  I figured it was a classic item that would never go out of style.

Did it?  I honestly have no idea.

For some reason I kept this crazy jacket for 27 years.  27 years!  I don't even remember the last time I wore it, but I had a hope that some day one of my kids would think it was cool enough for them and guess what?  That day was Wednesday!

Wednesday morning, my daughter asked if she could borrow my jean jacket.  "Borrow it?  You can have it!"  I cried, and all at once, my 27 years of pack-rat-self-loathing paid off.

Levi jacket

Do you have a similar tale?  Any clothing, shoes or jewelry you have saved for your kid and did they go for it?


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