The last day of April heads out on a wet note. Wet, wet, wet. But, no snow!

Wet night coming up for many areas. Here's a quick look at how we expect the radar to look overnight, and yes that snow to our north and west is real. Happy last day of April!

Well, maybe the 'no snow' thing is guaranteed for our area, but it looks northish.

We can be thankful, though. It might be wet and maybe we'll see some snow, but in Nebraska? Full-on blizzard!

A wet, heavy late spring snow is possible through tonight. The heaviest snow is likely to occur this evening, lasting for a few hours, though snowfall may linger overnight. Up to 4 to 6 inches of snow is the most likely forecast right now, though there is a wide range of possibilities from under an inch to over a foot!

Up to a foot? Sheesh. Maybe they're trying to copy our 2013 spring blizzard.

If you get bugged by people saying silly words in conversation...or misusing words, you'll love this. 

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