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I never expected to hear a story about a haunted Dairy Queen in Minnesota but hey, I guess anything can be haunted! There is a Dairy Queen in St. Anthony, MN that is reportedly haunted. There are many different spooky happenings that people have reported according to MinnesotaHauntedHouses.com.

One spooky event that people have reported hearing are children laughing and employees' names being called. Ok, ok, that sounds like your typical day at a DQ. But wait! Employees report hearing these things after they close up for the day when no one else is there. Now THAT is spooky.

Employees also report items vanishing and having no idea where they went and items randomly falling off of shelves. There are also reports of random cold spots. I'm not so sure I believe the random cold spots as being something spooky, we are talking about a DQ after all. Where they sell ice cream. But what do I know!

Finally, employees say that order print ups will pop up that were not actually ordered by anyone. I'm not 100% sure how to explain this one. But couldn't it be someone ordering something online, it pops up in-store and then they never come to pick it up? I'm not sure.

Do you believe that this Dairy Queen in St. Anthony is haunted after hearing those stories? I'm not so sure, it doesn't sound anywhere near as spooky as some other places, but maybe these are tame ghosts.

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