No one would dispute that things can be a little hectic at this time of year. (And if they do, they are most likely itching for a fight, so don't take that bait!)
When it comes to the hustle and the bustle, there are some tasks I enjoy more than others. When I was a kid, my mom turned me into a gift wrapping fool. I LOVE it and so she gladly handed that job off to me.  Then I grew up and gave birth to a kid who takes gift wrapping to the next level. She uses multiple papers, bows and decorative tape turning the end result into a work of art.
But I digress...
If you are like my daughter and me, you will LOVE this YouTube video. It's a 'gift wrapping hack' video.  The hack part is that the average person spends too much time centering the gift on the paper, when what they should do is just START WRAPPING!

If you're like me, you'll spend a LONG time watching this video and the ones that follow it!