Have you ever had rhubarb juice? I didn't even know there was such a thing until last year and LOVED IT. So, I set a reminder for the beginning of Rhubarb Juice Season and we're only a week away! Here's all you need to know about making the most refreshing summer drink ever.

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My love last year began when my dear friend Tracy "Rhubarb" McCray and her kid Olly made some juice and I tried it (see video). Amazing! Then I remember it was Tracy that also got me to like rhubarb pie. As a kid, my mom made a lot of rhubarb pie, and it was always awful. Bitter and evil. But then, when Tracy's dad passed away, there was a festival of homemade pie for the after-funeral gathering. Tracy nearly forced me to take some rhubarb, and WOW! So good! Rabe was now a rhubarb fan.

And a fresher taste you will never have. Please, get some rhubarb from a neighbor and try this recipe.


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