Are you more of a planner than impulsive or spontaneous? Do you plan hours, days, weeks or months ahead? Science has your number on that.

Sometimes I like to be spontaneous. Some days after work, I'll be like, Hey, I want to grab somethin' t'eat and a drink.

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Sometimes, I do like to plan things ahead of time.

Science crunched some numbers and found that 27% have already started their Christmas shopping! Another 20% are going to start next month. That leaves 51% that will probably wait until sometime December 24th.

Researchers found that women are more likely than men to start their Christmas shopping this early - yeah, no-brainer there - that's like discovering that water is wet, grass is green and the sky is blue!

So, with that valuable information, I am putting together my Christmas wish list for Tracy McCray, now. Probably around December 15th, I'll have one for James Rabe.

Plus, I'm going to start my letter to Santa!!

"Dear Santa,

"I've been a reasonably good little 'elf'..."

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