The Olmsted County Fair is ON until July 27th. I haven't had a chance to get out to the Olmsted fair yet, but I plan to this weekend. It got started this year during a really hot time. By the time I get there it won't be quite as hot and sticky, knock on wood. It's shaping up to be a perfect weekend weather-wise. Who is going yet?

Admission is free to the fair, the food is delish, there are rides and animals, and people. Every year I go to the fair it reminds me of a high school reunion. I usually run into so many people I know. It's always fun to walk around and eat, mingle, go on a few rides, possibly win some games and prizes. I'm looking forward to goin' to the fair this weekend.

I have a fond memory several years ago when I went to the Olmsted County Fair with some friends and won an M & M doll from one of the games. As a matter of fact, my friends and I donated that M & M to the radio station!  This is well before I was a part of the station, but I was, at the time, too young to be working here. I was quite proud of winning, because I hardly ever win anything, I have the opposite of luck when it comes to prizes it seems.

The fair grounds is where I first learned how to drive even!  When I got my drivers permit, my dad took me out in his Chrysler to teach me how to drive on the very roads that the fairgrounds are on, of course, this was not during fair time, that would not have been too safe.

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One year, there was some severe storms in the area, and I had to take shelter with the farm animals. I remember how crazy that was, riding the storm out in the livestock barn. Animals get a little crazy during a storm. It rained a few cats & dogs that afternoon too.

Several members of my extended family have had items featured in the fair, my aunt has had her paintings on display, (she is an artist,) animals and the such that I have made a point to go see.

To me it is the most fun at night, with all of the lights, but I've always liked it more when it gets dark, I guess I'm a night owl. Tonight and tomorrow the fair is open until 11 p.m. I will be hanging out until then. Mini-donuts, kettle corn, cheese curds, food-on-a-stick, ice cream, count me in!  The only sad thing about the Olmsted County Fair for me, is that it means summer is soon coming to an end.  We won't talk anymore about that however, I'm going to enjoy my time at the fair with friends over the weekend.

Do you have a favorite ride, game, food, event or special memory of the fair?

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