Craft beer lovers, rejoice! May 4-10 marks Craft Beer Week here in Minnesota and this year's theme is "10,000 Minutes of Craft Beer." So, how should you celebrate?

You could start by checking out all the amazing craft beer drinking opportunities taking place throughout Minnesota all month using this handy-dandy calendar. Minnesota enjoys a hearty, healthy craft brew industry with great beer being made all across the state. Why not find one you haven't visited before and check out their brewery. Or, better yet, their tasting room?

Or, if that seems like a bit too much, how about some easier options? Perhaps you'd like to hit up one of our Rochester microbreweries, such as Kinney Creek Brewery or Grand Rounds Brew Pub. Or maybe you just want to stop by your local liquor store and pick up your favorite Minnesota-brewed beer.

And speaking of Minnesota-brewed beers, we'd love to know which Minnesota brewery is your favorite. How about letting us know! We'll take the results and put together a list of your top five favorites to post on the website.