My brother John is a public radio broadcaster with a show in Los Angeles and you know what? I used to be cooler than him. But now the tables have turned and I am so not the coolest anymore! Why? Because a listener made a sketch for his show. Check it out...

CREDIT: Mike Sheehan.

Look at it.

It's beautiful.

With this one sketch, John moved ahead of me in the cool department. That's something I thought couldn't happen. I'm the Baby of the Family. The Golden Child. The apple of my mother's eye! I had billboards with my face on 'em for cryin' out loud! But I've slipped to second place and there's only one thing that help me return to my former glory.

A Y-105 Early Morning Show with James Rabe sketch!

Is there a listener / artist that can take make my dream come true? Is there an artist that can, for fame and a Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe gift card, create a sketch for me?  If so, please, sketch it up and send it to me by clicking here

If a gift card and fame aren't enough motivation...think of the children.

PS - Need an example? Check out this home-made-by-me-with-Picasa sketch.