Today is George Washington's birthday, that combined with Abraham Lincoln's birthday last week makes today Presidents Day (kind of).

'Kind of,' because as a federal holiday, it's still Washington's Birthday. We've tried to officially change it to Presidents Day a couple of times, but those efforts failed in Congress. Apparently we don't care, because we all know today as Presidents Day.

By the way, it's always on the third Monday in February (which as far as I can tell means its not Washington's birthday either. I mean, who is born on the third Monday in February?)

Anyway, let's go with Presidents Day for our purposes here today. Most stores will be open, but most government offices will be closed.

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It's a national holiday for the Federal Reserve, which means most banks will be closed today. One of the benefits of working at a bank used to be that you got every little holiday off, but that's not the case anymore. These folks used to get Columbus Day off. Your bank could be open today.

US Postal Service


Nope. These kids have the day off from walking on our icy sidewalks and avoiding our inconsiderate dogs. 'Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds' -- but Presidents Day, that's another story. FedEX and UPS will be business as usual today.

The Gov

Nonessential government offices will be closed today. Other than emergency services and military, what's essential? (OK, add snow plows to that list.) Libraries, the DMV, the courts, and city hall will be closed today.

Retail Stores


Not only will just about all of them be open, but many will find the celebration of dead, past American leaders as a good reason to have a sale. See mattresses, furniture, appliances. 'Everything must go!'


Most Minnesota public schools will be closed today. Please put your pencils down. Heck we might even get a couple of snow days later this week.

Hail to the Chief peeps!

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