A lot of time we're warning you about snow and rain and how it'll make the drive tough. Not this time...this time you have to watch out for the wind!

Watch out for high-profile vehicles, like semis, the 50 mph + wind'll make it really hard for them to make a go of it. Cindy Morgan lays it out for us.

Bridges can be especially tough for trucks. If they're loaded down, it's better, but still, a semi + wind + bridge = Not for me, thanks.

This Perrine Bridge is one of two you can use to get into Twin Falls, ID. The Snake River Canyon is about 480 feet below. People frequently jump off the bridge (B.A.S.E. jumpers!), but for a semi it would be death, and it almost happened when I lived there.

CREDIT: James Rabe
CREDIT: James Rabe

Because of the canyon, you gotta take a bridge to get into town. Oh, sure, you can drive 40 miles outta your way, and then 30 more miles outta your way, and go down into the valley, and come back up (and it's beautiful as heck-fire...scroll down to see a pic...just beautiful).

Well, one day we had SUPER bad wind...like today, gusts up to 55 mph. Down thru the canyon, it hit 65 mph. Whoa. They had to close the bridges, but one semi was sure it could make it. Empty and all, but still, thought he could make it.

He was pushed over...not over the edge, thankfully, but just like a toy, boop, the wind knocked the truck over, the cargo part laying on the railing.

So, yeah, be careful, OK?

I promised some pics...the first are driving into the canyon...just a beautiful drive, especially in the morning with mist. Then just some canyon pictures, where you'll find falls, dangerous steps, that bridge!



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