The now notorious owners of the suddenly shuttered Circle B wedding venue in Isanti, Minnesota are in the middle of an active lawsuit unrelated to the recently closed venue.

Circle B Wedding Venue Suddenly Closes

Earlier this week, couples preparing to tie the knot and scheduled to celebrate their weddings at the Circle B venue were dismayed to learn via email that the venue had suddenly closed.

The message cited the challenging economic climate as the reason. "It is no longer possible to maintain the business in the current economic environment... Nobody is available to take calls or emails," the communication said in part.

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Circle B Wedding Venue, Isanti, MN (Jessica Fisher via

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Many understandably became upset with no mention of refunds and a refusal to communicate. "How tacky to say that you won't be answering calls or emails," Rochester radio host Carly Ross said. "You just made a lot of enemies by closing your business in this fashion. This is a part of 'how to be a decent person 101'," she continued.

Owners of Circle B Involved in Active Lawsuit

Now we have learned that the owners of Circle B, Wayne and Angela Butt, doing business as Lakeside Events, are named defendants in an active trespass/property damage lawsuit in Washington County related to another property they own in Cottage Grove.

According to Minnesota court documents, the Butts are being sued for the unlawful destruction of 115 trees on property that does not belong to them.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Steven and Kathleen Geis, are accusing Mr. Butt of trespassing and removing the trees on September 1, 2021, two days after purchasing the adjacent land located at 7404 Lamar Ave S. in Cottage Grove.

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Mr. and Mrs. Geis are asking for a minimum $50,000 for the destruction of the trees, and a minimum of $50,000 to restore the "severely altered" topography of their property, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit was filed in Minnesota district court on October 20, 2022. The latest hearings were held on April 15, 2024, about a week before the announcement that the Circle B venue is no longer operating.

Angelayne venue
7404 Lamar Ave S. Cottage Grove, MN

The building, with the word "Angelayne" on the front, and 1.03 acres at 7404 Lamar Ave S in Cottage Grove are currently listed for sale with an asking price of $700,000. It's been on the market since May 20, 2023.

The Facebook page for Lakeside Events has not been active since June of 2023, and the website has been taken down.

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